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Greetings legends, lots of progress has been done over the past few months, checkout our social media that’s where we post the latest development updates. I have a lot of exciting updates to go over so lets get started!


Professions are very important in any RPG style game they let players feel a sense of progression and choose a goal they want to work towards, professions are dependent on one another for example in order to do Smelting you will need ores to smelt which are a direct result of Mining. This feature will be massively important as it will be one of the available routes for players to create their own NFT items as well as it will in result create a massive economy for players seeking other players with high levels within their specialized profession that can gather items they need for crafting. 

Take a look at the example of Mining, Smelting and Smithing!

Player Accessories

Player accessories will tie in a lot with professions in the sense of creating the accessories, there are a total of four categories, the ring, artifact, glove and amulet, they will grant you boosts for example the most common type of boost will be health and mana and something more rare will be passive abilities. Most of the hard to obtain accessories will be backed by Enjin.


Mailboxes are insanely useful for messaging and sending items to offline players, there will be mailbox stations all across main towns in Aldian. The goal is to connect people in-game, maybe some kind stranger did something nice for you and you want to return the kindness, well this easily allows you to do just that!


Portable Interactables

Portable Interactables is a massive customizable system, you are able to have many different variations of summonings such as profession stations and NPCs which are merchants that sell you items and much more, these items can be one time use or infinite use, this system is very expandable and many things can be created with it that I haven’t even thought of, if you have any ideas please let me know via social media!

Mounts & Companions

Mounts and companions are the RPG traveling and pets aspect of Aldian Legends, any enemy and animal within Minecraft can be made into a mount or companion, mounts will help you travel faster and companions can either be cosmetic meaning they won’t do anything besides follow you around or they can be the defensive type meaning they will attack anything you attack as well as anything that attacks you. They will be mainly be Enjin backed but low tier ones will be given through quests. 

Treasure Maps

Treasure Maps are all Enjin backed, they will be given in quests, loot and possibly crafted. The point for Treasure maps is you aren’t allowed to enter said specific location if you don’t have the token in your Enjin wallet.

Player Profiles & Dueling

Player Profiles will allow you to do many interactions such as Enjin trade requests or reporting as well as viewing information about the player such as profession levels and what items they have equipped. Dueling will be a fun activity to challenge your friends and develop your PVP skills. In the video there are a lot of weapons and skills shown if you want to see what style of items, skills and combat will be possible within Aldian Legends.

Multiverse Pack Updated

The magical future telling Ansible is the most recent addition. One of primary goals is to give back to the community, and one way of doing so is by providing ready to use items which resemble Enjin’s Multiverse Items in Minecraft style which any server can use as well as any game outside of Minecraft can export the models into supported formats for their games, my goal is to have every Multiverse item in the pack.

Download the pack by clicking on the image.

Custom Model Enemies, Mounts & Companions

With custom models Aldian Legends is able to expand beyond just the default Minecraft animals and enemies, our own can be added, this massively creates more enemy variations and make the game feel more alive! 


Quests will be one of the biggest features in Aldian Legends and I wanted to be as creative as possible with quests and make use of features we already have along side them, quests will alter the world around you as you progress through them, they can be Enjin supported meaning if you don’t have a token in your wallet you can not start a specific quest. Mailboxes will be utilized within quests, NPCs will send you mail thanking you or giving you items you need.  You can obtain Enjin backed items by completing quests. More information about quests will be shown as we go.

Thank you for taking the time to go over the blog post, lots of more updates are coming in the future and eventually we will be releasing for public testing, I can’t wait for you all to get to play Aldian Legends! Make sure to join our social media to get the latest news!
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