Aldian Legends


What is Aldian Legends

Aldian Legends is a Minecraft MMORPG. Explore The District of Aldian. Become a legend like the ones that came before you, free Aldian from the evil powers which haunt it.

Explore undiscovered dungeons, choose the class that fits your needs, level up your professions, obtain collectibles by defeating fearsome enemies, questing, crafting and much more!

We are a new project with big visions for the future, we have a lot planned and will be releasing closed Alpha with Blockchain integration very soon. I can’t wait to see what the future holds.


Items which give you true ownership and unlock access to the Multiverse


Learn about the story of Aldian and interact with its inhabitants.


Level up your crafting and gathering to gear yourself up and earn collectibles


Rare weapons and armor which have unique boosts and skills.

Latest News...

Powered by Enjin

Aldian Legends relies on Enjin’s Minecraft Blockchain integration plugin called EnjinCraft.

Enjin is on the Ethereum blockchain and everything we’re doing is possible because of the very powerful ERC-1155 Token Standard. 

Giving users a real sense of ownership and items which can be used in other games that are partnered with Aldian Legends thanks to this revolutionary technology

Supporting the Multiverse

The Multiverse is a forever expanding place, we at Aldian Legends are committed on supporting it and helping other Minecraft servers alike this is why we have created a resource pack containing multiple in-game ready to use assets to help you integrate Enjin’s Multiverse items into your blockchain server.