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Hey there Legends! Over the past few months our developers have been working hard on creating unique and easy to use game systems to improve the quality and replayability of our server. If you have been on our socials you may have already seen previews of these systems. Today I’m happy to completely showcase early builds of the character creation and the class abilities casting system. We are pushing Vanilla Minecraft past its limitations to create an authentic MMORPG experience in this blocky world.

Character Creation

When designing the character creator I wanted to be different from what the current standard is when interacting with menus in most Minecraft servers which is utilizing chests to create a user interface, this wasn’t suitable for the character creation system vision I had in mind. Which is why I designed the system to be more visually representing and dynamic similarly with how you would see in traditional MMORPGs, where it displays your character and equipment when interacting with various options.
Before getting started on your adventures you will have to create a character. You will be picking your starting class and then entering your character’s name, names are unique so there’s not going to be another player with the same name as you. All data is saved per character, so all your stats, inventory items, spells, professions and many other attributes are all unique for that character.

Character Classes

Every character has to have a class assigned to them, this is what will determine what spells and attributes the player will inherit. You will be able to pick from a variety of known classics seen through most MMORPGs.
  • Warrior – The most resilient with their high health and damage, they can use heavy weapons along wearing the toughest armor.
  • Mage – A master in the arts of spells, they can use magic from a range but at the cost of very little health and fighting abilities. 
  • Rogue – A master of stealth, they deal high damage at the cost of little health. they rely on their speed and stealth to defeat their foes.
  • Archer – Experienced at using a wide selection of ranged weapons, they rely on their range to keep their enemies at bay.
These are the classes which will most likely be present when the server releases, they will be the easiest to create and balance. As the server progresses and new expansions are added they will most likely include new classes to go along with.

Spells Book

 The spells book is an important tool used to view the spells assigned to your class and all the information about them. Whenever you level your character you will receive skill points which then you can use to level up your spells increasing all of the stats and making them stronger.
Inside the spell book you will also find the spell selector, with this you may assign what spells you want to cast with what click combinations. You may freely assign any spells which you’ve unlocked to any slot.

Spells Casting

I wanted to make spell casting as easiest and user friendly as possible and not interfere with anything the player was doing including accidentally casting spells. There were a couple of issues we faced early on because weapons and items can inherit skills and abilities that they can cast. We had to create a system to work with everything and not disable item spells entirely.
To initiate the click casting mode you will have to press the “F” key on your keyboard, this will disable your items inherited spells and abilities allowing you to only cast the click combinations of Left and Right on you mouse for the spells you’ve assigned to them. To exit casting mode you will once again have to press the “F” key on your keyboard and you will be able to use your weapon abilities.
Thank you for taking the time to go over the blog post. More features and improvements are planned as we continue forward. Please join our official social medias for any feedback and suggestions.
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