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Greetings legends! I have exciting news for you, if you’ve been in our official chats such as Discord and Telegram you may already know what’s ahead! Join them to get the latest news and chat with me if you have any questions!
If you didn’t know Aldian Legends is an Adventure mode server meaning you’re unable to build and break blocks for the most part, while this can be a fun and a different experience, building and expressing your creativity is one of Minecraft’s most fun activities. This was something that was missing from the server. 
Introducing portable player housing! Through out all corners of the map there will be claimable house plots that you can claim and build your home on, claiming is temporary and your home will be removed if you walk far away or if you logout from the server, you may claim an unclaimed house plot anywhere again to summon your home, you may transport a home from one claim to another. Houses will be visible to all players and take part within the world of Aldian Legends.
Many options were explored for player housing and this seems the most suitable for the server,  designed to be very user friendly and almost every action is done via an user interface. Some inspiration for the design comes from Trove’s cornerstone housing system.

Housing Introduction

To get started on your housing adventure, we begin by interacting with an unclaimed plot sign, then head over to the house creation menu at the very top, proceed to pick one of the presented blueprints, after doing that enter the name for your house by typing in the chat then your home will be summoned inside the plot square and you may start building what your heart desires.
You are able to own for starting a max of 2 home, you may buy with in-game gold access to more homes.

Home Sharing & Member Ranks

 Want to have a trust worthy friend join your house? Well you’re allowed to do just that, by right clicking on your home in the main plot interface you will open the settings, then click on the labeled “Members” button then clicking on “Add Member” you will be able to enter their name in chat and have a menu come up with several ranks, each of them do something different.
  • Co-Owner – Essentially the same as being the owner of the home except they’re unable to add other co-owners or delete the home, they will be able to summon said home they were invited to when the owner is offline.
  • Builder – Is allowed to break and place down blocks
  • Interact – May interact with interactibles such as doors, buttons, trap doors, and much more.
 As a Co-owner you are only allowed to be invited to a max of 3 homes owned by other players. 
When inviting players to build or co-own please be mindful that they will have full access to your plot and may potentially grief from you, so only do it with your trusty friends!

Home Rules

 As you’re the boss of your own home you set your own rules, by entering the home settings you will be able to see a menu called Home Rules, there’s currently only two rules but more are to come in the future.
  • Entering – When disabled it prevents players from entering your home plot, they’ll be stopped by an invisible wall, it is disabled by default.
  • Interacting – When disabled it prevents players from opening doors, pressing buttons and anything they may interact with.

Enjin NFTs Support

One of the exciting parts of Aldian Legends is earning and using blockchain items, this is why you will be able to earn Enjin backed blueprints to obtain access to ready to use built homes, when creating a home if you have a blueprint in your Enjin wallet they will appear inside of the blueprints home creation menu. Blueprints will be able to be earned from gameplay, other platform integrations and purchased via the store.
This feature will enable us to do very cool partnerships with other Enjin games and platforms. I’m truly excited to see how far this can be taken.

Dynamic Structures

Creative building isn’t everything portable housing offers, the whole idea is still very early in the works but essentially you’re able to build structures which if all the blocks are placed correctly in the right positions said structure will become dynamic, meaning it can do actions based on what structure you’ve built. 
This is a very expansive mechanic that can be used in many ways such as
  • Summoning bosses by building an altar
  • Crafting benches for professions
  • Teleportation portals for hidden areas
  • Quest objectives
Thank you for taking the time to go over the blog post. More features regarding player housing such as storage and NPCs are planned, please join our official social medias for any feedback and suggestions.
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