Aldian Legends

Greetings legends, one of the goals with Aldian Legends is to make the world feel alive and interactive. As you adventure each location will have their own dedicated NPCs, each are doing tasks related to the location they’re in or their profession, it is planned that you will be able to interact with some of these NPCs, all profession ones will be interactable for example the fisherman, bank, blacksmith, all shop and many more. NPCs will be going on doing their daily tasks such as citizens will be having a walk around the town. 
From a guard and his best friend defending the village from hordes of zombies, recruits training, an innocent farmer being robbed by a bandit and a fisherman fishing from his local pond to mama cat catching food for her kitten, these are one of the many visual elements the player will see through out their adventures at every corner in the world of Aldian, aside from that fearsome monsters waiting to be slayed for their valuables, encounter random bosses for chances of obtaining Enjin backed collectibles.
Aside from NPCs all around the world there will be many side activities that players may do while on their adventures to keep them busy. 
Containers such as pots can be broken for gold, open chests and barrels to obtain loot to level up your scavenger profession. Craft TNT to detonate and enter difficult to reach places for valuable loot!
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A Lively World